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    Hi y'all. I was thinking the other day about making a post like this, about how Emotion should be promoted in terms of singles, and who knows? Maybe someone from her team will see this.

    My Recommendations:

    1. I Really Like You
    2. Run Away With Me
    3. Your Type
    4. Gimmie Love
    5. Making The Most of the Night
    6. Favorite Color

    Why those songs?

    The first three have already been chosen as OFFICIAL singles, but the rest, they're the best and catchiest off the album  & could be huge mainstream radio hits, especially Making The Most of the Night (which Meghan Trainor continuosly promotes as her "favorite song by Carly")

    Favorite Color is a bonus track. How could it be a single?

    It could very easily be one....In Iggy Azalea's The New Classic, Bounce was a bonus track and was rele…

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